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If you’re tired of battling weight fluctuations and feeling out of sync with your health, you’ve come to the right place. At Balance to Bloom, we understand that the journey to lasting wellness isn't just about losing pounds - it's about gaining a deeper connection with your body.

Through our personalized coaching, we help you rediscover the joy of balanced living, nurturing your body with what it truly needs to thrive, not just survive.

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Welcome to a space where your health is prioritized uniquely. Let’s journey together through our variety of services, each designed to meet you where you are in your health journey:

Transformative Holistic Health with Dr. Sy

Personalized Pathways in Health Coaching

Step away from frustrating health cycles and regain control with a fresh approach that leaves the Standard American Diet behind. Together, we'll chart a path to better health without reliance on excessive medication or extreme physical interventions.

Dive into the concept of 'homeostasis'—the balance essential for life. I’m here to help you achieve sustainable weight loss and guide you towards aging optimally, creating a plan that evolves with you.

Engaging Talks on Functional Nutrition

Community Wellness Through Virtual Group Coaching

Interested in reshaping the future of healthcare? I speak on the potential of functional nutrition to enhance our lives and advocate for The New Medicine Movement, pushing for societal shifts towards simpler, effective health practices.

Dive into the concept of 'homeostasis'—the balance essential for life. I’m here to help you achieve sustainable weight loss and guide you towards aging optimally, creating a plan that evolves with you.

Blossoming Testimonies

Real-Life Experiences with Balance to Bloom

  • I have struggled with my weight consistently since I had my first child 14 years ago. I constantly gained weight until I was unrecognizable to myself. Standing at 5’4″, I had allowed myself to gain weight and reach a plateau of 238 pounds. I went to see my OBGYN, Dr. Powell, and there she inspired and instructed me about intermittent fasting. I instantly felt more energy. I started with 12:12, meaning I wouldn’t eat for 12 hours and would allow myself 12 hours to eat. When I did, I would choose good foods such as salmon, baked chicken, or avocado salads! And I drank plenty of water! I was doing so well with the intermittent fasting that I started fasting for 16 hours, being off for 8! By using this method, I am now 182 pounds, which was in a little under 5 months! I’m grateful Dr. Powell could see what I needed, identify the issue, and provide me with the necessary tools to succeed.

    —Natalie Carroll

  • "Dr. Powell, I am so excited for you and sad at the same time for obvious reasons ….you have taken such Phenomenal care of me , the birth of my Amazing two sons and you have been more than just my doctor….an absolutely sincere and concerned advocate for my physical, nutritional and emotional well – being. No words can express my utmost gratitude and admiration for you. I am thrilled and honored to participate in your program and I am looking forward to learning so much just like I did from the nutrition course you provided us years ago. Thank you for caring for me and for sharing your wisdom and skills to help me and many others live better and healthier"

    — Christine Young

  • I am writing this to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. W. Soyini Powell, MD. I never felt that I was an unhealthy eater or paid too much attention to my food allergies. However, with Dr. Powell’s help, I’ve learned to read ingredients and make better choices for my body. I’ve also lost 10lbs as well. Thank you, Dr. Powell, for taking the time out of your undoubtedly busy schedule to help me. You are an excellent physician, and I appreciate the knowledge you’ve shared with me. You’ve improved my health and, therefore, my life.

    —Hollye A Jefferson

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Imagine a life where you feel vibrant, energetic, and truly balanced. At Balance to Bloom, we're committed to guiding you through every step of your wellness journey with personalized coaching and support.

We understand the hurdles of changing lifelong habits and are here to make this transition smooth, enjoyable, and incredibly rewarding.