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I understand the common frustrations in women's health journeys because I’ve experienced them myself. My work tackles those frustrations by focusing on overcoming the pitfalls of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and unhealthy lifestyles. My holistic health services empower you to regain control of your health, promoting weight loss and well-being through balanced mind, body, and spirit practices. 

Learn to create lasting habits without continuous reliance on willpower, and discover dietary tips that sync with your body for sustainable results.

Individual Health Coaching

Virtual Group Coaching

Join our Balance to Bloom coaching for a holistic approach to weight loss and aging well. Learn to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, shifting habits towards lifelong health and vitality. Ready to transform?

Join Dr. Sy's weekly Conscious Eating Group Coaching via Zoom every Monday 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm EST. Open to all, you can start anytime. Ready to take charge of your health?

Private Group Coaching


Overcome chronic health issues with Dr. Sy's transformative coaching. From a personal journey of illness to wellness, she now guides others in using nutrition as medicine, promoting sustainable health changes. Discover how to achieve vibrant health and longevity through practical lifestyle adjustments. Explore functional nutrition and lifestyle medicine with Dr. Sy to take control of your health.

Join "The New Medicine Movement" to reimagine healthcare with simple, effective lifestyle changes in a supportive community. Interested in shifting your organization towards better health and productivity? 

Small, consistent daily changes in a supportive environment that offers guidance and accountability are key to achieving your weight loss goals, vibrant health, and optimal aging.