Balance to Bloom

Sustainable Weight Loss & Optimal Aging


How passionate are you about maintaining vibrant health and personal wellness? If you have ever struggled with or thought about…

Dr. Sy, The Rogue Gynecologist, will teach you the secrets of wellness so you can achieve sustainable weight loss & optimal aging!


4 Areas of Focus


Dr. Sy’s Holistic Health Services

Most women I talk to report frustration about their health journeys and weight loss is a key challenge. Fortunately, I’ve decided to address the issue of the SAD or Standard American Diet failures. My services will allow you to take back control of your health. No more managing chronic diseases with multiple medications or mutilating your body to get rid of unwanted weight.


Individual Health Coaching

Sustainable Weight Loss & Optimal Aging”
Another word for “balance” is “homeostasis,” derived from the Greek words for “same” and “steady.” It refers to any process that living things go through in order to maintain the stable conditions needed for their survival.



Functional Nutrition provides the building blocks for vibrant health and true longevity. Invite me to speak to you and your organization about a rebooted medical system I envision called “The New Medicine Movement.” I believe that engaging “We The People” and encouraging the adoption of a simple diet and simple lifestyle changes in a group context will be the new model for healthcare in the future.


Virtual Group Coaching

Dr. Sy personally meets with this group of individuals every week by Zoom on Sundays from 4 pm – 6 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Everyone is welcome and enrollment is always open. When you’re ready to start taking responsibility for your health and begin changing your life for the better, contact Dr. Sy and she will be happy to answer any questions 

Why We Do It

To empower women to be healthy and whole so that they are able to live their life’s purpose to the fullest, without restraint.


What Women Are Saying

I am writing this to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. W. Soyini Powell, MD. Three weeks ago I was experiencing extreme pain on the left side of my body going down into my abdomen. Having previously suffered from fibroid tumors, I assumed they had returned and the pain was a result of that. It was a persistent and deep stabbing pain. It’s severity sometimes caused me to double over. One day I was forced to leave work early and go to the emergency room. See More
Dr. Powell, I am so excited for you and sad at the same time for obvious reasons ….you have taken such Phenomenal care of me , the birth of my Amazing two sons and you have been more than just my doctor….an absolutely sincere and concerned advocate for my physical, nutritional and emotional well – being. No words can express my utmost gratitude and admiration for you. I am thrilled and honored to participate in your program and I am looking forward to learning so much just like I did from the nutrition course you provided us years ago. Thank you for caring for me and for sharing your wisdom and skills to help me and many others live better and healthier.
— Christine Young
I’m grateful Dr. Powell was able to see what I needed, identify the issue and provide me with the necessary tools to be successful! I would suggest anyone who is struggling with their weight to try this method. My name is Natalie Carroll, I am 34 years old from Philadelphia, Pa. I have struggled with my weight consistently since I had my first child 14 years ago. I constantly gained weight until I was unrecognizable to myself. See More
Dr. Sy Powell

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