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Putting Healthcare Back Into The Hands of “We The People” – Introducing Balance to Bloom

A Functional Nutrition program based on the concept of balancing sunlight energy, water, and nutrients to enable members to bloom to their fullest potential.

Unprecedented times call for innovative solutions!

Functional Nutrition provides the building blocks for vibrant health and true longevity. Invite me to speak to you and your organization about a rebooted medical system I envision called “The New Medicine Movement.” I believe that engaging “We The People” and encouraging the adoption of a simple diet and simple lifestyle changes in a group context will be the new model for healthcare in the future.

Contact me for a conversation around the things conventional medicine doesn’t want you to know! Contact me to speak to your organization and encourage your members to live life on terms that will keep them sharp and in prime condition as they age. Together we can create a plan that will positively impact your organization and increase productivity for a brighter, higher quality future for your company and your employees. The way to optimal health, longevity, and well-being is just a phone conversation away.

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Book Dr. Sy Powell To Transform Your Organization Into Happy, Healthy, Educated, & Proactive People!

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8 Reasons To Hire Dr Sy

1) You need to hear something new.
Doing things the same way and expecting a different outcome is the classic definition of insanity. A “Catch 22” occurs when a problematic situation’s solution is denied by the circumstances inherent in the problem. Conventional medicine still promotes the flawed concept of “eat less, move more.” This approach to health is obviously not working because obesity, diabetes, and chronic diseases are running rampant in America, driving up the cost of healthcare with no clear end in sight. Dr. Sy offers a new paradigm that focuses on the root causes of disease and not just on treating and managing symptoms!
2) You want something tangible and usable.
Dr. Sy has created “Balance to Bloom” as a hands-on program that offers support, guidance, and accountability to help people take charge of their health. No more of those once a year, 10-minute doctor’s office visits that are not suitable for assisting anyone in making real behavioral and lifestyle changes. Modifying behavior is required to improve your health and to decrease the utilization of health care services. Balance to Bloom works and can be implemented in many both clinical and non-clinical settings.
3) You want the expertise that comes along with hiring a dual healer *and* healthcare provider.
Most physicians have minimal, if any, training in actual nutrition. Dr. Sy is a seasoned board-certified OBGYN physician with additional certification in Nutrition Health Coaching. She can take the best of both worlds and provide clarity and a positive influence for improved nutrition and optimal aging.
4) You want a Speaker who relates to and understands your audience.
Dr. Sy has been practicing clinical medicine for over 30 yrs. She understands the frustrations of trying to go it alone, of yo-yo dieting, of tapped-out willpower, and settling for less. No one wants to be taking multiple medications to merely manage, but never actually cure, the chronic conditions that decrease the quality of their lives.
5) You want a Speaker who walks her talk.
Dr. Sy used her nutrition health coaching skills to turn her own health issues around! She lost 50 lbs and was able to treat herself *and* her symptoms without the use of toxic medications by eating gluten-free, dairy-free, and markedly decreasing her sugar intake. Our midlife is the time when taking care of the body becomes more important than ever before, and learning how to use food as medicine is an effective way to optimize the aging process. She is passionate about sharing the simple truth that we really are what we eat.
6) You want to increase personal productivity.
Healthy men and women are more engaged in their life’s vision and can contribute to elevating the people in their communities as a whole. Healthy people are happier, more innovative, more creative, and more likely to actually engage in their daily lives!
7) You want to decrease the insurance “Superuser” status.
Frequent visits to the emergency room, doctor’s visits, and hospital admissions actually decrease with healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Here is where the once-a-year wellness checkup becomes the rule instead of the exception!
8) You want a transformational experience-not just a motivational one.
Dr. Sy is a transformational influence because she not only inspires people to take action, but she provides them with a vehicle in which to succeed. Her “Balance to Bloom” program is easy to understand and easy to teach. She also offers private coaching services as a more hands-on approach to anyone interested in accelerating their progress on a more personal basis. She is an outspoken, humorous, and engaging Speaker! No fluff. No Bull.

Book Dr. Sy Powell To Transform Your Organization Into Happy, Healthy, Educated, & Proactive People!