Individual Health Coaching

“Sustainable Weight Loss & Optimal Aging”

Another word for “balance” is “homeostasis,” derived from the Greek words for “same” and “steady.” It refers to any process that living things go through in order to maintain the stable conditions needed for their survival. In today’s fast-paced world of instant gratification and quick fixes, having a balanced life has never been more important than it is now. It’s all about learning to balance the connections within and between the three core components that make up the self– the mind, the body, and the spirit. Learning to balance eating versus not eating, exercise and activity versus rest and relaxation, and waiting versus actually taking actionable steps towards your goals is the key to health-centered and conscious living. I call this your “inner game” mastery. Getting in balance in the areas of your life where you find yourself overwhelmed or lacking in energy, focus, or clarity.
Learning how to change the habits and behaviors that are holding you back into healthy and productive habits that effortlessly sustain you. Promoting not just your survival day to day, but helping you to actually discover the ways to achieve peak longevity and optimal aging.
Have you found yourself struggling lately with issues surrounding your health? Are you thinking about losing weight or having trouble finding other ways to improve your sense of well-being? Have you tried making promises to yourself to eat healthier or to exercise more, only to find that you lose interest and give up before you can actually manage to lose any unwanted weight or lower your blood pressure?
Then allow me to introduce you to my Balance 2 Bloom (B2B) individual coaching programs!
Together, you and I can discover the root causes of your pain and find ways to help keep you motivated and on track towards living your absolute best life. Call me today at 215-909-9967 to schedule your free consultation and let’s get work on the lifestyle habits that are holding you hostage against finally living the happy, healthy life you deserve!

Yours In Health,
Dr. Sy Powell
The Rogue Gynecologist