Holistic Health Services

Dr. Sy’s Holistic Health Services

Most women I talk to report frustration about their health journeys and weight loss is a key challenge. Fortunately, I’ve decided to address the issue of the SAD or Standard American Diet failures. My services will allow you to take back control of your health. No more managing chronic diseases with multiple medications or mutilating your body to get rid of unwanted weight. No more blaming yourself, instead of blaming the true culprits – the SAD diet and unhealthy lifestyle practices.

My services include the simple to do, yet simple not to do, tasks that promote conscious eating via a balanced mind, body, and spirit concept. I can show you how creating new, healthy habits also creates automatic behavior changes, such that will-power is only necessary to get you started. I can share tips that work with your body chemistry to help you lose weight and be inspired instead of feeling deprived and frustrated.

Making small, consistent, and daily changes within a supported environment that guides and holds you accountable is the missing ingredient to your long sought after goals of weight loss, vibrant health, and optimal aging.

My services include Health Coaching in both group and one-on-one settings. I speak on wellness and holistic health issues to Black Churches and other organizations.

I offer various program lengths from a 90-day standard program, to a 6 months deep-dive program for the maximal outcome. There are also two annual weekend retreats to be announced going forward. Balance to Bloom is a holistic health and wellness program that works.

Contact me for a conversation about your journey. Your greater success, health, well-being, and happiness are just around the corner, just waiting for you to bloom!

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